Our Story

It all started on Christmas Day 2007…

Susan, purchased a ‘Mister Beer Kit’ for her husband, Al. He began to tinker with brewing beer. Soon he was hooked and the brewing moved from the kitchen, to the hallway and soon the whole house was filled with carboys and the sounds of fermenting beer.

After a few pints of his beer and some convincing, Al finally agreed to move to Bend and pursue a new career as a brewer. We packed up our life in Seattle and moved to Bend, Oregon and the journey began.

Al, Susan her brother Les and brother-in-law, Ken, spent many hours turning an old barn/storage shed (nickname: The Rat Hole) into a working 2.5 barrel brewery. After two and a half years of permit applications, inspections, and growing pains, the first pint was ready for sale.

Being located in a ‘farm use only’ area we needed to find a place to showcase the beer. Our Old Mill location became available and The Rat Hole Brew Pub opened on July 16th, 2013.

In October 2014, Susan’s brother, Les Keele, took complete ownership of the pub. Susan and Al then fully concentrated on the brewery.

While trying to locate a suitable location to move the brewery to, a space that was a former restaurant in Sunriver was available and it had a large warehouse space attached which would make a great location for the new brewery site.

So in May of 2015 we started work on the restaurant and on October 6th, 2015 we opened the doors of Rat Hole Brewing at Sunriver.

We are now working on the build out of the warehouse for the brewery and we hope to be able to add a 5.0 barrel system to our current system so we can produce ample beer for both the Rat Hole Brew Pub and as well for ourselves.